Lone Worker Safety

Lone workers are employed in various employment areas such as a social worker visiting clients in their homes, shop or garage assistants, cleaners and night-shift workers. These employees, like other employees, need to feel safe at work. If an employee doesn't feel safe, anxiety, depression and stress can build up and make them feel unsafe and alone. lone worker safety is an issue every business should address and solve. 

Extra information about lone worker safety.

What can employees do to feel safe at work?

Besides getting help from the business where he or she works, there are things employees can do that can make themselves feel safe such as being aware of their surroundings. In addition, it is important to find out where the hazards of their job are located and to keep good posture at their workplace station. Taking regular breaks, using machines and tools properly and reporting unsafe conditions to a supervisor; are other ways to feel secure. In addition, by keeping lowering long hours and sharing heavy workloads and finding resolutions to conflicts with managers and coworkers; an employee can create a safer work environment. Most importantly, by wearing the correct safety clothing for a task, an employee can avoid an injury. Earmuffs, earplugs, goggles and gloves can reduce the risk of a workplace injury.

What can companies do to keep their employees safe?

Companies can do several things to keep their employees safe such as installing personal alarms, using GPS (global positioning systems) or giving their employees a personal shriek alarm. These alarms make a loud noise so that an aggressor can be distracted or help an employee make a quick escape. Wireless alarms can also help; this is when an employee presses a panic button. It will identify an individual alarm. A wireless alarm can be effective by warning a central system when employees in hazardous areas become ill or fall. Most importantly, when a company is planning to implement systems that give lone workers support, it is important that an employer talk with the employees about the process, so they know what to expect from the process. Employees need to understand why certain safety measures are put in place and why they are necessary.

To conclude, lone worker safety is an important issue and when it is addressed properly, it can provide employees a safe and productive environment and reduce stress and lower depression. Talk with an HR representative and find out more!